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What we offer

The restaurant pizzeria "La Scarpetta di Venere" is surely as his strong point, the preparation of the dishes with the best and most genuine local products.

It ranges from the fact campogiovese ricotta from the pastures of Majella National Park, the local truffle, not forgetting the quality of wines all made from the prestigious and award-winning wineries of Abruzzo as Marramiero, ZACCAGNINI AND MASCIARELLI.

Among the dishes we include: rings with bacon and Majella biological ricotta cheese, ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese biological Majella with walnut sauce and mushrooms, pea soup Majella and porcini mushrooms, grilled lamb Majella, Majella lamb cheese and eggs , kebabs from sheep, beef on a bed of arugula with shaved Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Maximum availability also for any organizations with customized menus for banquets, ceremonies and birthday parties.


La Scarpetta di Venere

Phone: +39 0864.408410

Mobile: +39 338.9675608

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